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Tunisian farmers welcome recent rainfalls

Recent rainfalls have had a beneficial effect on agriculture in Tunisia. Cereal crops, fruit trees, olive groves, pastures, forests and the country’s many dams have greatly benefited from the latest showers, also positively affecting livestock and the corollary milk and fodder production.

Figures recently released show that rain water collected in dams have reached some 1 billion, 862 million cubic metres, a much welcome boon for the country’s farmers who look forward to record crops. It is expected that these figures will significantly increase following recent rains.

Impressive quantities of rain were recorded especially in the country’s major farming areas. Averages exceeding 100 mm of rain levels were recorded throughout the country as shown hereafter, 140 mm in Menzel Bouzelfa, 198 mm in Soliman, 120mm in Grombalia, 158mm in Ain Draham, 102 mm in Jendouba and 135mm in Rafraf.

Officials at the Ministry of agriculture and water resources are also hopeful that the latest rains will positively impact the country’s cereal production, thus reducing costly imports after a poor 2008 cereal crop.


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