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Tunisia’s fixed broadband speed among slowest in the world

Tunisia ranked 160th out of 179 countries in fixed broadband speed in the latest Speedtest Global Index. Tunisia’s fixed broadband is the fifth slowest in the Middle East and North Africa region and the thirteenth slowest in Africa.

Nevertheless, Tunisia is in the middle of the table globally for its mobile internet speed, ranking 90th out of 138 countries. Once ranked at the top of the African continent’s list, it now ranks eighth in the African nomenclature. Tunisia is also ranked eleventh in the MENA region.

The Speedtest Global Index evaluates Internet speeds worldwide using hundreds of millions of tests conducted by real users, who may be dissatisfied with their Internet service provider. The index identifies which countries have the fastest Internet speeds, both for fixed and mobile connections.

In the MENA region, Syria (176th) has the slowest fixed broadband, occupying the last place in the international ranking. Syria’s fixed internet is slower than Yemen’s (175) and Lebanon’s (166). Libya’s fixed broadband connection is in 166th place in the world and cannot do better than Tunisia’s fixed broadband internet (160th).

Algeria (148th) has the sixth slowest fixed connection on the African continent. Iran (146th) manages to rank better than the North African country but is no better than Mauritania (136th), Morocco (131st) and Iraq (113th).

On the African scale, Niger (174th) has the slowest fixed broadband and is beaten by Sudan (173rd). Ethiopia (172nd) has the third slowest fixed broadband. Swaziland (170th) and Botswana (169th) also have poor fixed-line speeds. Mozambique (168), Gambia (167) and Namibia (165) are also among the African countries with slow mobile internet speeds. Zimbabwe (164) and Cameroon (163) round off the African rankings for slowest fixed internet speeds.

South Africa (58th) has the fastest mobile connection on the African continent, followed by Morocco (63rd) and Togo (66th). Uganda (75th) is fourth on the continent, ahead of Mauritius (80th) and Egypt (86th). Nigeria (89th) is seventh, ahead of Tunisia (90th) and Senegal (92nd). Kenya (95th) closes the TOP 10 of African countries with the fastest mobile connections.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates’ mobile connection speed tops the list both globally and in the MENA region, followed by Qatar which ranks second both globally and in the MENA region. Kuwait (7th) is third in the region, followed by Saudi Arabia (9th) and the Kingdom of Bahrain (10th)

The Sultanate of Oman (39th) has the sixth fastest mobile connection in the MENA region and manages to overtake Morocco (63rd) and Iraq (68th). Lebanon (71st) is ninth and better than Egypt (86th) and Tunisia (90th).


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