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Tunisie Telecom launches”Elissa”

As part of the catalogue of new services intended for subscribers, and through which it probably thinks keep increasing its market share, Tunisie Telecom has launched a new commercial logo “Elissa”.

During a press conference, the company CEO  Montasser Ouaili briefed  journalists about TT  achievements and  actions it intends to develop during the year 2009 under the motto of “customer satisfaction”.

Foremost among these customers are the young, those less than 25 years targeted by  the  “Elissa” new  offer including  a commercial network and services  such as weather, football, topping-up, credit transfer , all charged 100 millimes per minute.

According to Tunisie Telecom CEO , this is the first of the set of offers that TT intends to launch in the context of competition in  the telephone market in Tunisia but also and especially in anticipation of the arrival on the market of a third operator.
TT seems to prepare as best it can so it will keep ranking first in the market with a share of 4 329 000 permanent subscribers
During this press conference, the historical Tunisian mobile network operator, Telecom has announced the launch of the BlackBerry solution in Tunisia.

The company’s customers will be able to benefit from a number of functions including emailing, real time agenda management, updating of client portfolio and messaging. They will also have access to a wide range of BlackBerry smartphones.

“We are pleased to offer the BlackBerry smartphones , an innovative and revolutionary solution used by millions of subscribers throughout the world”, said Montassar Ouaili.
The system will be supplied by Alcatel-Lucent who will use its presence in Tunisia to provide the Tunisian historical operator with end to end services from launch to logistic support.
In a related event, Mr Ouaili also announced the launch of a corporate call center, open seven days a week, which aims at providing answers to requests from companies regardless of their range of products, fixed and mobile telephone services, data transmission and high added value international products and services.

Tunisie Telecom which has 4, 3 million customers throughout the country, shares the market with Tunisiana, an Orascom company.


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