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UN accord envisages cut in trade barriers for developing countries

Developing countries are set to benefit from a UN-backed p artnership announced Friday that seeks to establish a coherent system of measure m ents throughout the world to minimise technical trade barriers.

The Vienna-based UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), the inter-gover nmental International Bureau of Weights and Measure (BIPM), and the Internationa l Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML), agreed to join forces to assist countri e s in integrating more beneficially into the global economy, a UN statement said S aturday.

It said: “Concrete technical areas of cooperation include the establishment of t raining guides to help developing countries overcome metrology and legal metrolo g y issues at the laboratory level”.

It also stated that with the agreement, UNIDO is partnering with two major globa l players that are crucial to successfully building capacity in standards and co n formity as well as compliance with sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures that see k to ensure food safety as well as animal and planet health.

“The agreement will not only reinforce UNIDO’s ability to deliver technical assi stance, but also help advance its position as a key agency for implementing proj e cts to eliminate technical barriers to trade,” the statement noted.

Established in 1966, UNIDO works toward improving the quality of life of the wor ld’s poor by helping countries achieve sustainable industrial development.


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