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Zambia: Treasury urges Zambians to monitor implementation of projects

Zambia’s Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba has urged citizens to have open minds and take interest in monitoring the implementation of projects in their localities.

They should report any concerns, which they observe on project implementation sites, to relevant government authorities, he said.

“The local ownership of development programmes is essential to successful economic transformation. It is also one way in which the government could obtain feedback on its performance in meeting the peoples’ aspirations, especially related to utilization of public resources and the impact of these invested resources on the daily lives of citizens,” Yamba said on Sunday when he announced the release of K1.47 billion for operations, emoluments, debt service, and other developmental programmes. (1USD=K6.2)

Yamba noted that efficiency and effectiveness in operations at the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) had a direct impact on tax revenue collections.

The Treasury gave the Zambia Revenue Authority a grant of K15.8 million to facilitate revenue collection and other operations.

“It is for this reason that the Treasury always funds the ZRA so that the resultant revenues collected are also, in a timely manner, channeled to domestically financed developmental programmes,” he said.

Among the money released include K211 million as interest payments on government bonds and treasury bills; K74.2 million for external debt service; and K29 million for dismantling arrears owed by government to the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company.

Some of Ministries and other spending agencies, which received funds for operations, productivity improvement, and developmental programmes, are Education, Commerce Trade & Industry, Drug Enforcement Commission, Judiciary, Youth & Sport, and Foreign Affairs.

Others are Information & Broadcasting, Lands, Health, Home Affairs, National Assembly, Zambia Police, Zambia Prison Service, Electoral Commission of Zambia, Human Rights Commission, and other Service Commissions.

Of the K35 million public resources given to the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health by the Treasury, K15.1 Million is for the social cash transfer system.

The Secretary to the Treasury said this is a demonstration of the government’s continued commitment to the mitigation of income inequality and a direct intervention in helping deserving recipients to hit-the-ground-running in their micro-entrepreneurial endeavors.


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