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Zimbabwe, Botswana agree power deal

 Zimbabwe’s power utility said Wednesday it had struck a deal with Botswana under which the latter will finance the refurbishment of anidle power plant in exchange for electricity supplies.

Zimbabwe Power Company managing director Noah Gwariro said Botswana would provid e US$8 million to refurbish the Bulawayo Thermal Power Station, and purchase coa l to fire the plant.

The power station has been idle for years, and requires extensive repairs.

“The deal will see us reviving Bulawayo Thermal Power Station, enabling us to ge nerate 90 megawatts and of this 40 megawatts will be exported to Botswana as per

agreement,” Gwariro said.

Zimbabwe has three small power stations that were idle, including the Bulawayo p lant, which its neighbours, short of generation capacity, have long eyed.

All three require extensive repairs which the country has been unable to fund du e to an economic crisis.

But it has also been unable, until now, to agree terms with its neighbours for t he power plants’ refurbishment.

South Africa wanted to re-build two of the power stations in exchange for part o f the electricity they will generate.

Botswana is desperately searching for new electricity sources after South Africa said recently it would reduce exports to the country due to rising demand at ho m e.


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