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Zimbabwe to learn further diamond exploration from Angola

Zimbabwe plans to tap from the experience of Angola in the diamond sector as it begins the exploration of precious stones in a new giant field discovered in the east of the country.

This was expressed Thursday by the Zimbabwean Ambassador to Angola, James Manzou, while speaking to reporters after a meeting with the Speaker of the Angolan National Assembly, Antonio Paulo Kassoma.

Manzou, who bid farewell to the parliamentary leader, as he ends his nine-year mission in the country, said Angola had vast experience in this area as evidenced in various projects, notably the Catoca.

The government of Zimbabwe secured the permission to sell diamonds, despite protests from human rights organizations.

The permission was granted during the week by an international body which deals with trade in precious stones, “Kimberley Process”.

Discovered in 2006, the field is under the direct command of the Zimbabwean Army, loyal to President Robert Mugabe.


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