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4th oil and gas technology fair, forum open in Libya

The 4th edition of the oil and gas international fair an d forum opened here Monday, with more than 120 international companies specialis e d in the field of oil and gas participating.

PANA reports that the participants came from about 20 Arab and European countrie s to join their Libyan colleagues at the forum.

The three-day gathering is organised by the Libyan Oil Institute and the Libyan National Oil Company (NOC), in collaboration with foreign oil companies operatin g in Libya.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, president of the organising committee, Dr. Abo u Rima Belgacem, indicated that it was a joint work between the NOC and the comp a nies which depend on it as well as the foreign companies operating in Libya and w hich had a positive role in the re-activation of the fair, which aims to promote

and consolidate the technologies used in the oil and gas sector.

Belgacem said approximately 90 research papers and studies presented by experts and researchers in the field of technology and oil industry of Libya and abroad,

in addition to several scientific papers and workshops, will be discussed during

the fair, which is being attended by companies from France, Germany, the United K ingdom, Italy, Canada, United States, Brazil, China and Japan.

The papers and studies are based on prospection, setting on the oil facilities, oil and natural gas production, drilling techniques and refining operations, eng i neering and management of oil platforms, the geology of the oil sites and the co r rosion of oil and gas equipment.

The organisers expressed the wish that the studies would contribute to the promo tion of technical capabilities and transfer of technology and skills relative to

the latest inventions as regards the industry.

On his part, Omar Abdelkrim, member of the steering committee of the NOC, stress ed the importance of the forum and the fair, in view of their important roles in

the contribution to the promotion and the improvement of the oil industry which h as experienced in the past few years, an intense activity in the field of prospe c tion, development of the oil industry which was concretised due to the signing o f several agreements with many international companies.

A meeting of the youths will be held on the side line of this edition, the first of its kind, intended to encourage university students and the new entrants in t he oil companies to devote themselves to the scientific activities and the promo t ion of their capacities in the field of prospection, drilling and production.

The fair will also make it possible for those who are concerned with the oil ind ustry in Libya to discover several technologies and know-how in the field.


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