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Approved agricultural investment valued at 322.8 MD in late September 2021

The agricultural investments approved until the end of September 2021 amounted to 2,314 investment operations worth 322.8 million dinars (MD), against 1994 operations valued at 249.5 MD, during the same period of 2020, according to the latest statistics published by the Agency for the Promotion of Agricultural Investments (APIA).

The approved agricultural investments have therefore risen by 16% in number and 29.4% in value.

Compared to the development plan 2016-2020, private agricultural investments have dropped 31% in number and 35.5% in value.

The committees of granting benefits have approved 36 land loans worth 5.8 MD against 40 loans worth 6.1 MD during the same period of 2020 and 63 loans worth 9.8 MD during the same period in 2019. These loans will allow the integration of 375 hectares of land in the economic cycle.

The approved investments received subsidies amounting to 98.7 MD, which represents 30.6% of the volume of investment approved against 78.7 MD during the same period last year.

The subsidy for the purchase of agricultural equipment amounted to 35.7 MD, representing 40.6% of the total approved subsidies.

The purchase of 869 agricultural tractors worth 69.4 MD was approved against 678 tractors (52.5 MD) in 2020.

The credit rate went up 19.5% during the first nine months of 2021, from around 15.5% at the end of September 2020.


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