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Dubai: Record bid: Salon to polish 50,000 nails on Friday

Beauty Connection Spa technicians to file and polish 50,000 nails in eight hours on Friday
Dubai: A Dubai spa has hit the headlines – for not only Guinness World Record hoping to break on February 14 but it’s for a good will.
100 technicians of the Beauty Connection Spa will manicure 50,000 nails in just eight hours at the Dubai Mall between 2 and 10 pm, behind the spit and polish there are a melting heart stories. As many of the spa’s 200-strong staff are women from disadvantaged backgrounds, including widows, orphans and single mums.
Many of the staff have come on board without any skills, but were trained to undertake specialist jobs. Many of whose lives have turned around.
Previous record was 2,572 hands held by Australia’s Sally Hansen will be hopefully outdone on Friday and cover 50,000 nails in eight hours.
The record-breaking bid is open to anyone and to both genders who’s willing to join at Dubai Mall’s Star Atrium starting at 2pm. Manicures are free of cost, although donations towards ‘Rashid Centre for Disabled’ are welcome.
Source: Express


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