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Egypt to allow visitors inside famed ”Bent” pyramid

Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities has announced that it will soon allow tourists inside the inner chambers of the country’s Dahshur, o r “bent” pyramid.

The opening of the inner chambers of the 4,500-year-old pyramid comes as the cou ntry continues its ”sustainable development campaign” aimed at attracting more visitors to Egypt.

The pyramid is the focal point of the Saqqara area historically known as Memphis some 30 minutes from Cairo.

Supreme Council chief Zahi Hawass said the 330-foot pyramid’s inner chambers wou ld be opened for the first time ever sometime in 2009.

“This is going to be an adventure,” he told reporters.

The pyramid’s sides rise extremely steep, but then abruptly tapers off at a very shallow approach to the top, which gave rise to the term “bent,” because it appears to be bent.

Archaeologists believe the pyramid-builders changed their minds while constructi ng it out of fear the whole structure might collapse because the sides were too steep.


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