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FRENCH TECH TUNIS awarded “FRENCH TECH COMMUNITY” label again for 3 years!

French Tech Tunis has just received the renewal of its community status from Mission French Tech for a period of 3 years (from 2023 to 2025). This label confirms the dynamism and commitment of a group of volunteers, established in their regional digital ecosystem.

The role of French Tech Tunis will be to bring together the local tech community and implement key actions to ensure the promotion of the objectives of the French Tech Mission in the region (advocacy of the French Tech ecosystem, gender equality and inclusion, ecological transition, etc.). French Tech Tunis is one of the 67 French Tech Communities abroad that have received the label worldwide.

The French Tech Communities abroad are groups of French or Francophile entrepreneurs, voluntary and locally based. As full members of the French Tech network, they participate in the promotion of our ecosystem throughout the world.

Their mission is to support the international actions of Mission French Tech by animating and participating in the life of the local entrepreneurial community, supporting the development of French start-ups in their ecosystems and carrying out structuring actions in line with the priorities of Mission French Tech.

Made up of founders, investors and employees of startups and technology companies, as well as all other players involved in the promotion of French Tech in their geographical area, the international communities carry out their actions in conjunction with all the players in the French network. Their aim is to encourage exchanges and meetings in their local ecosystem by promoting links with the French ecosystem.

The French Tech Communities are independent organizations of various forms (informal groups, associations, etc.) that are labelled by the State (the French Tech Mission is part of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty). The label is granted after an evaluation process; there are 3 criteria to become a French Tech community: at least 10 letters of support from local ecosystem players, a board of directors made up of at least 70% entrepreneurs and one third women, an agenda aligned with the priorities of Mission French Tech.

French Tech in Tunisia is made up of more than 1300 startups and around 50 French-Tunisian tech companies: startups, companies and groups. It is the concretization of a strong dynamic in Tunis around an ecosystem whose actors share the values of innovation, entrepreneurship, collaboration and mutual help.


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