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Global meltdown scaring away tour operators from Gambia

Two major tour operators, Thomson Holidays and First Cho ice, have ceased operations in The Gambia as a result of the global financial cr i sis, PANA reports, quoting tourist officials here.

According to the officials, majority of the tourists who visited The Gambia two or three times a year have decided to cut short their visits this year to one.

“This is mainly due to a reduction in their spending power which is blamed on th e global economic downturn,” the officials said.

Thomson Holidays and First Choice have been the main tour operators in The Gambi a in recent years but the decision of most of their customers to reduce their vi s its to once in the 2009/10 is believed to be one of the reason they closed shop.

The two tour operators are also reported to have shifted operations to the West African Island of Cape Verde, where they are said to own hotels.

Meanwhile, Thomas Cook has taken over those operations vacated by the two operat ors, flying in its first batch of visitors (194 holiday markers from Manchester,

England) on 2 November.


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