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Libya: 2 crew members of oil tanker killed in Libya air raid

Two crew members of an oil tanker were killed when an unidentified fighter jet bombed it at the Libyan port of Derna, according to coastal guards quoted by the Libyan media on Monday.

The vessel, flying a Liberian flag, belongs to an Athens-based maritime company, and was carrying 12,600 tonnes of crude oil, with a 26-man crew.

The coastal guards added that two other crew members were injured during the air raid.

The spokesperson for the Libyan army staff, Ahmed al-Mesmari, said that the oil tanker ignored warnings not to get close to the Libyan coast, but rather put the lights of the vessel off in a bid to hide.

The Libyan eastern city of Derna has been the fiefdom of small radical Islamist groups since the fall in 2011 of the Mouammar Kaddafi regime. There is no presence of state security organs in the city where the small terrorist groups have pledged loyalty to the terrorist organization, Daech (Islamic State).


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