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Libya: Govt. to supply natural to all Libyan cities

The Libyan government has said it will supply all the cities with natural gas by replacing butane gas in a bid to save US$ 2.7 billion a year, the President of the board of the Libyan General Gas Transmission and Distribution Company, Lutfi Ilyas, gave this indication here Wednesday.

“For 50 years, families in Tripoli were supplied with natural gas. But this service has been discontinued because of poor planning that was done in the past. Today, we are planning to relaunch this service in order to ensure that by 2030, three billion cubic meters of gas will be distributed,” Mr. Ilyas said at the opening session of a workshop whose theme is “Libyan Day for gas in cities” .

“We are working in partnership with the Ministry of Housing to distribute natural gas to 900,000 consumers over the next few years,” he told delegates at the workshop, organized in collaboration with the Libyan society in charge of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT.

“The first phase of the project will be implemented in Benghazi (east) with the aim to ensure the provision of two million cubic meters by the end of 2014 to benefit 4,000 consumers, but ultimately the goal is to supply 112,000 consumers,” Ilyas said, adding that the supply phase for the city of Tripoli will target 211,000 people and 48,000 consumers in Misrata.

The feasibility study shows that the supply of natural gas to Libyan cities will enable the government to save US$ 2.7 billion per year from what it has been spending on butane gas.

The workshop is also being attended by experts from France, Malta and the UK.


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