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Libya: PM announces takeover of two oil ports

Libyan Prime Minister Abdallah al-theni Wednesday evening announced the takeover by the state of the two oil ports which were hitherto controlled by armed groups.  

During a joint press conference with the leader of the group, Ibrahim Jodhrane, the Prime Minister said the takeover marked the end of the crisis which paralysed Libya’s crude oil exports.

Mr. Jodhrane recalled that the restoration of Ras Lanouf and al-Sedra oil terminals was possible following the agreement signed 6 April, and under which the armed groups handed over  al-Harriga and Zueitina ports.

The latest handover marks the implementation of the second phase of the pact, which involves
the payment of salary arrears of armed groups members, some of them guards at the oil installations, an amnesty for them and the establishment of a commission to probe allegations of corruption in the sale of Libyan crude.

The oil crisis faced by Libya has cut production from 1.5 million barrels per day to 300,000bpd, according to the latest statistics.

The situation has led to losses estimated at US$30 billion, according to a recent report by the Central Bank of Libya, which said the country is currently making US$1 billion in oil incomes monthly, against US$4-5 billion before the beginning of the crisis in the oil sector.


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