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Ministry of State Property issues warning to agricultural development company in Grombalia

A warning has been sent to an agricultural development company (SMVDA), before depriving it of its right to exploit an abandoned state land, covering an area of 116 hectares in Samech in the delegation of Grombalia, Nabeul Governorate. This warning comes following breaches of contract clauses related to development and employment.

Minister of State Property and Land Affairs Mohamed Rekik said the abandonment of the farm and fruit trees and the poor management of surface water are among the breaches noted.

He was speaking at a visit to the region, along with Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources Mohamed Elyes Hamza.

The company has also failed to meet its commitments to hire 38 employees, in addition to failing to repay debts, Rekik added; the contract to farm that state land, which dates back to 1998, expires in 2023.

On farming prices, which currently take into account the price of wheat, the minister said the cost will be revised upwards, adding that this decision was taken jointly by the two ministries.

The law will be applied to anyone who violates it, Rekik said.

The allocation of 10 thousand lands continues according to the means available, and the property certificates will be distributed once the situations of these lands is regularised, he assured.

Agriculture Minister Mohamed Elyes Hamza, for his part, said this visit allowed inspecting the neglect of this agricultural land, emphasising the imperative to apply the law against the investor who has not respected the contractual conditions of development and employment.

Therefore, the offending investor will be warned to undo the offences, before depriving him of his exploitation right.

Companies that do not respect the contractual conditions and do not fully play their role are a loss for both the investor and the State, he asserted.

Hamza noted a delay in the supply of fertilisers, especially since this issue is related to the activity of the chemical group, stressing that the government ensures the timely supply of this main material to make the agricultural seasons successful.

The management of state lands, which represent 5% of Tunisian land, or 500,000 hectares, requires an evaluation of the approaches made based on developing successful strategies and renouncing failed experiences.


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