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Missing pilots, aircraft yet to be found in SA

The family of two South African men, who went missing on 28 October while flying over Mozambique, are still trying to locate them.

Their family believe that the missing pilots, Bryan Simms and his son Robert, made an emergency landing in or near the Gorongosa National Park and are offering rewards to ground teams and villagers in Mozambique who may have seen or heard the aircraft and who can help searchers find the two men.

They were flying a Baron 58, a light, twin-engine piston aircraft.

They were ferrying the aircraft from Uganda to South Africa and were carrying no cargo.

The aircraft had been on contract to the Red Cross and other humanitarian agencies in Sudan when hostilities broke out again and work for the plane ceased.

The owners decided to bring the plane back to South Africa where there was work for it.

Bryan Simms was asked to fetch the plane and he took his 22 year-old son, also a pilot, for the added experience of a trans-Africa flight.

The plane had a full fuel tank but no other cargo when it developed engine trouble after flying over Tete in Mozambique.

The pilot reported engine trouble and said he was diverting to Beira.

Shortly thereafter, he reported that he would be ceasing radio contact to focus on his cockpit and was not heard from again.

A joint Mozambique and South African official government search concluded 3 Nov. without result.


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