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Najla Bouden calls for pooling efforts in Middle East to combat climate change

Prime Minister Najla Bouden called, on Monday in Riyadh, for pooling efforts in the Middle East region to combat the impact of climate change.

Speaking at the opening of the first edition of the Middle East Green Initiative Summit held on October 25 and 26, Bouden stressed that the current environmental challenges go beyond the environmental aspect, to other economic, social and humanitarian aspects.

He added that the transition to a green economy requires the combined efforts of all countries to accelerate the pace of economic recovery and fight against global warming, by the year 2030. This would be part of a comprehensive and multidimensional approach, whose design must be made by governments, in coordination with the private sector and civil society.

Bouden also called to make more use of scientific research and technological innovation to develop sustainable solutions to facilitate the transition to a green economy.

She recommended encouraging projects in this area and diversifying the sources of green energy, including solar and wind.

The PM also emphasised the need to develop advanced technologies in the Arab region and ensure the exchange of expertise and technology transfer between advanced and developing countries.

The objective is to implement green economy policies in all countries on an equal footing.

Bouden highlighted the importance of green finance, pointing to the importance of strengthening investment in renewable energy projects, sustainable agriculture and green building.

She called on donor countries and international donors to mobilise funding dedicated to these types of projects for developing countries.

She considered, in this context, that it is possible to transform the challenges encountered into real opportunities for cooperation between countries to boost sustainable financing in different sectors.


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