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Senegal: New ship links Dakar to Ziguinchor

The Senegalese Consortium of Maritime Activities (SCMA) that manages the maritime route between Dakar and Ziguinchor launched a new 2,000-ton capacity cargo vessel at the port in Ziguinchor on Saturday to transport goods in the region.

According to SCMA director, Commandant Mactar Fall, the consortium’s objective was to secure the transport of people and goods in Senegal with vessels put at its disposal by the State and to develop new maritime activities.

“The cargo vessel that has been acquired will strengthen the maritime transport of goods thus allowing for the economic opening of the south of Senegal (Casamance),” he said.

Fall added that the vessel, called “Diogué”, which is an island in the Casamance, correctly translated the socio-economic vision and commitment of the Head of State and of the government in the opening and development of the region.

“SCMA has deemed it appropriate to implement the government’s policy and to make Casamance an economic development centre by introducing this first maritime medium that will allow for the permanent flow of goods safely at local and sub-regional levels,” Fall emphasised.

The Senegalese Fishing Minister Ali Aïdar said the new vessel responded to the ambition of strengthening the national trade fleet for leadership in the sub-region and opened the region of Casamance and its outlying districts.

It also alleviated the economic and social difficulties encountered by the populations in the south and created the conditions for promotion and distribution of local goods that represented a source of revenue for them.


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