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Statement by the Spokesperson on Guinea Bissau

On 9 September the Supreme Court of Guinea Bissau ruled that the Presidential decree of 20 August appointing a new Prime Minister was unconstitutional, and on the same day the Prime Minister resigned, in accordance with this decision.

It is critical for the political stability of all states that the rule of law is respected by all the institutions of the state.  These developments are therefore to be welcomed. The EU expects all political actors in Guinea Bissau to work together swiftly to come to an agreement that respects the will of the people expressed through the ballot box in last year’s elections, and that is in conformity with the Constitution.

The EU reiterates its support for Guinea Bissau, reaffirmed at the Donor’s Round Table held in Brussels earlier this year, and its willingness to assist with the reconstruction of a viable, constitutional, democratic state. 


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