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Tanzania moves to improve industrial relations

 Tanzania will be able to spur economic developm ent and attract more foreign investment if it maintains a stable business environment with harmonious industrial relatio ns, according to US Ambassador Alfonso E. Lenhardt.

â?Compliance with labour laws will ensure that all Tanzanians benefit from econ omic growth and prosperity,â? Lenhardt remarked here Monday at the inaugural meeting of a tripartite advisory committee on Impro ving Labour Law Compliance in the country.

Improving labour law compliance is being undertaken as a partnership between the government of Tanzania, trade unions and employers associations with assistance from the International Labour Office (ILO ) and the US Department of Labour.

In all countries, Lenhardt said, the tripartite partnership involving government , labour and employers was of critical importance.

â?When government, labour and employers enjoy optimal relations, respecting the role and interests of each party, the result can be tremendous gains for the prosperity of citizens and businesses and increased revenue for government to fund further development efforts,â? he added.

In view of severe economic challenges facing many nations around the world, Lenh ardt suggested that strong labour laws should continue to help by protecting both workers and businesses, leveling the playing field an d creating opportunities.

Among other goals, the project aims to improve awareness among businesses and wo rkers about their rights and the tools available to them; provide training to help small and medium sized enterprises, as key employers an d engines of growth in all economies, understand and benefit from the laws; build the capacity of labour inspectors and other lab our institutions; and enhance the effectiveness of tripartite bodies. 




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