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Tourism: Tunisia mobilizes en masse

A major operation to promote Tunisian tourism will be launched from May 15, 2013 in France, as part of preparations for the summer tourist season.

Through this new initiative, Tunisia seeks to win back the French tourist market. Several attempts have already been made but did not yield the expected results.

The aggressive competition from rival countries, such as Turkey, Egypt and Morocco has greatly reduced the chances of Tunisia.

It is in this context that tourism professionals launched in early 2013, many campaigns that will highlight products with high added value such as cultural tourism, Saharan tourism and wellness tourism with particular emphasis on the promotion of alternative tourism.

Attracting French tourists: Yes, but how?

It is worth noting that the advertising campaigns of Tunisia are still low compared with other neighboring countries. Therefore, it is essential to organize trips for French in Tunisia and to take urgent and appropriate measures to fill gaps even in the short term.

According to tourism professionals, to be able to attract French tourists, the sector needs better visibility. Marketing, advertising and communication activities will play a key role in this phase. The visibility of communication campaigns in the French media should also be enhanced.

The success of this campaign depends on four factors: the establishment of security, the effort to be deployed by municipalities and local communities in general to ensure the cleanliness of beaches and sites, the level of commitment of professionals to improve the quality of tourism services and finally, promoting Tunisia as a confirmed tourist destination.

Decrease in number of French tourists in Tunisia

According to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Tourism, a million and half French had visited Tunisia in 2010 out of a total of 7 million tourists. Tunisian tourism has not yet achieved its expected recovery, especially since a decrease in the number of tourists in Tunisia was recorded (-20% compared to 2012 and 40% compared to 2010), during the first quarter of 2013.

It is a worrying situation for Tunisian tourism professionals. To this end, hoteliers and TO will be asked to concoct personalized high-end offers and combinations in cultural, ecological, sports, health and wellness tourism.

It should be noted that the tourism sector has been hard hit by the impact of the political crisis facing the country since the assassination of Chokri Belaid.

All indicators are flashing red: revenues, occupancy rate, overnight stays and arrivals.

French tourists want to come to Tunisia this summer. The challenge is to develop a good strategy so that tourists would come absolutely en masse during the summer season.


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