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Trade balance shows profit of 0.606 million Euros in textile

Results of the textile trade for September 2010 confirmed the sector’s good performance. Indeed, the sector yielded significant indicators of performance in that month.
The sector’s exports recorded in the last month a growth in value (+10.4%), worth 312 million dinars, or 163 million Euros (+6.4%). Imports, meanwhile, recorded a considerable increase in value and volume (+20.8% in dinars, +19.9% in euros and +18.9% by weight). This increase is reflected in all the sector’s branches, except for the carpet & tapestry which fell by (-23%) in value and (-16%) in volume.
For the month of September 2010, textile exports posted strong growth: 28.13% in value and 6% in weight, and this, compared to September 2009. These have involved, in particular, non-denim fabrics (185% in value) and denim (+22% in value).
As for clothing exports, they have experienced stagnation (+0.04% in value). This ratio is the result of variations recorded by the following major products:
• Good performance of swimsuits (+62% in value and +39% in volume). France and Italy, 1st and 2nd markets of Tunisia in this niche alone monopolize 64% of the market share.
• Almost stability for T-shirts (2.6% in value and -2.8% in volume). Results recorded essentially in Italian and French markets, which are the first and second markets of Tunisia, are behind the maintaining of respective increases of +4.0% and +4.5% in value. The UK market, with lower market share, also recorded a remarkable increase (+31% in value and 13% in volume).
• Decline in jeans pants (-11.42% -16.76% in value and volume). Italy, the first destination for this product, shows a decline in value (-5.1%) against an increase in volume +6.4%. However, the Netherlands recorded an increase of 10.1% in value and a slight decrease in volume of -1.4%, thus holding 20% of the market share. France, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom recorded the sharpest falls.
• Slight decline in women’s lingerie from -1.6% in value against a decline in volume of -10.3%, and that, because of its exceptional gloom in the French market (-12.9% in value and – 16.5% in volume), which remains the largest market in the sector.
• Fall in work clothes with declines of -9.9% in value and -16.79% in volume.
Only the Dutch and Italian markets recorded positive results during this month.
• Resistance of shirts & blouses and Men’s ready-to-wear, with +37% and +3.4% in volume, respectively.

Source: CETTEX.


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