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Tunis: Nidaa Tounes promises a ‘’dignified life for all’’

The Nidaa Tounes (Call for Tunisia) party presented on Thursday, October 2 its election program under the banner “Call for Tunisia, Call of Hope.”

Dominated by the values of the economy, this program is part of a social market economy, based on the synergy between the state and the private sector, said Taieb Baccouche at a press briefing, adding that the challenge for his party is to save the country, commit to sustained growth, promote technology, develop high-growth sectors and create jobs.

Enhanced growth and improved purchasing power…

From this perspective, Nidaa Tounes promises growth in value-added that should start by 4% in 2015 before increasing annually at a rate of 1% (5% in 2016 and 6% in 2017) to reach 8% in 2019, i.e. an annual average of 6% allowing an increase in per capita income at constant prices by over 28% during the next five years.

To do this, an investment effort is required. This is expected to reach 125 billion dinars at constant prices of 2014, i.e. an average of 25 billion dinars per year. The total amount is divided into public investment (50 billion dinars) and private investment (75milliards dinars). It should be noted that the regions of the West and South will benefit from 60% of public investment.

The interior funding will be provided by domestic savings, the amount of which is expected to be 100 billion dinars, while external financing would reach a volume of about 55 billion dinars.

As for the debt of Tunisia, the party plans to limit it to 12% of foreign exchange earnings against a budget deficit of 3%. In addition, 4% of GDP will be saved on subsidies and 1-2% on the operating costs of public administration.

Based on these estimates, 90,000 jobs on average per year will be created at a rate of 70,000 in 2015, 80,000 in 2016 and 90,000 in 2017. As a result, the number of unemployed will fall by 120,000 by 2019.

On vocational training, Nidaa Tounes seeks to revise training courses in accordance with economic needs and in consultation with businesses and educational institutions, in addition to the creation of training centers in regional development areas in order to support major industrial projects.

An ambitious program which, certainly, is not going to affect the purchasing power of citizens, as Abdelaziz Kotti leader in Nidaa Tounes told Africanmanager.

However, efforts will focus on improving the purchasing power, and by controlling the distribution channels of essential goods while revising the value chain of sensitive food branches and imposing gradually compliance with quality, health and environmental standards.

What about regions?

The economic program of Nidaa Tounes has plans to allocate to regions more than 50 billion dinars, or 40% of the total volume of investment during the next five years, with the aim of having interconnected regions that contribute to the insertion of Tunisia in the global economy.

In this context, the ” Regions Ambition Plan” opts for conducting a physical decompartmentalization through infrastructure links to the rest of the country and the entire world, rapid improvement of living conditions through the upgrading of all social facilities, the attraction of economic activities by means of industrial infrastructure and finally decentralization and local governance in favor of inland areas.

To implement the promised economic reforms, Nidaa Tounes advocates the introduction of emergency measures to save the country from bankruptcy risk especially since it embarks upon a critical phase of its history.


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