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Tunisia: ‘’ Germany on course to becoming first European partner’’

“Germany is on a course to becoming the first European partner of Tunisia,” Secretary of State for European Affairs Touhami Abdouli said Tuesday in Berlin.

“Unlike France, the first current partner of Tunisia, Germany reacts with the Tunisian Revolution as an “exceptional” event.

In addition, it is willing to develop economic relations and investment in Tunisia,” said Mr. Abdouli who was heading a Tunisian delegation to Germany to participate in a Tunisian-German Inter-Ministerial Council to develop a plan for bilateral cooperation in the coming months.

At a reception held at the residence of the Ambassador of Tunisia to Berlin, he explained that France has built, so far, “traditional relations with Tunisia.”

Present at the reception, German Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Emily Haber reaffirmed her country’s commitment to support the democratic transition process in Tunisia and to make available the necessary German expertise in all sectors.

“German officials have never embarked on a marathon consultations and visits Tunisia as they have done since the Revolution,” she noted.

“This effort resulted in the conversion of a first tranche of € 30 million (60 million dinars) of Tunisian debt into development projects in poorest regions,” she recalled.

The German Government decided in May 2011 to convert up to € 60 million € of Tunisian debt for the construction of sixty projects particularly in the areas of vocational training, the fight against unemployment, liberalization trade and optimize working methods in the field of culture and media.

The Tunisian delegation participates in a two-day Tunisian-German ministerial council meeting in Berlin.

Led by the Secretary of State for European Affairs Touhami Abdouli, the delegation is composed of Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior Responsible for Reform Said Mechichi, Secretary of State to the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation in charge of international cooperation Alaya Bettaieb and advisor to the Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs Noureddine Kaabi.

This meeting provides an opportunity to strengthen the Tunisian-German cooperation in the areas of employment, vocational training, energy, security, justice, culture, education, the consecration of democracy and good governance and support to civil society.

It also examines ways to accelerate the access of Tunisia advanced status with the European Union.


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