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Tunisia: Adwya exports double in 2012

ADWYA has released its activity indicators relating to the fourth quarter of 2012.

The total turnover of the company stood at 67.15 MTD in 2012 against 55.05 in 2011, i.e. an overall growth of 22%, equivalent to 12.1 MTD.

In terms of export, the company recorded a sales increase of 57%, or 206,000 dinars, growing from 362,000 dinars in 2011 to 568,000 dinars in 2012.

Production of units in 2012 rose by 35.3%, equivalent to 4.5 million boxes compared to the year 2011.

On the level of investment, the company spent, during the year 2012, the sum of 2.649 MTD used essentially to renew its industrial tool.

Figures also showed that, during the fourth quarter 2012, the Company has not incurred new bank loans. The balance of the debt in the medium and long term to 31/12/2012 is 2.2 MTD against 2.9 MTD at end 2011.


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