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Tunisia: bank liquidity needs virtually stable in August 2020

The bank liquidity needs in August 2020 showed a near stabilization compared to recent months, continuing to evolve to around 10 billion dinars on average, the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) said in its note on economic and monetary developments October 2020, published Monday in Tunis.

This stability has been fostered by the expansive effect exerted by bills and coins in circulation (return of nearly 551 million dinars to the banking system), after the large withdrawals recorded last July (effect of the summer season and Eid Al-Idha).

In terms of refinancing, the average interventions of the BCT on the money market amounted to 10,089 MD in August 2020 against 9,864 MD the previous month.

The increase in the volume of interventions stems from the 85 MD increase in both 1-month refinancing operations and outright purchases of Treasury bills, and to a lesser extent in the main refinancing operations (+55 MD).

The banks’ recourse to the marginal lending facility decreased in August 2020, standing at 308 MD against 567 MD the previous month, the BCT reported.


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