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Tunisia: BCT warns against misinformation on Dinar exchange rate

The Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) announced in a press release that the Tunisian dinar was trading between 3.350 and 3.360 dinars to the euro, and between 3.050 and 3.060 dinars to the US dollar on the interbank foreign exchange market on Monday, 24 April 2023.

This represents a depreciation of the dinar by 1.3% against the euro, and an appreciation by 1.6% against the US dollar, since the beginning of 2023, compared to 3.310 against the euro, and 3.110 against the US dollar, at the end of 2022.

The BCT also draws attention to the attempts of some parties to spread false information about the exchange rates of the dinar on social media. It invites them to draw their information from the official websites of the BCT and local banks, as well as from the periodicals published by the BCT.

The Tunisian dinar has shown a good resilience during the last few years, showing an ordered evolution, thanks to the combination of several factors, such as the conduct of a rigorous monetary policy. “This has guaranteed interest rates at appropriate levels, allowing for a reasonable co coherence between the dynamics of the monetary sphere and that of the real sphere, while anchoring the expectations as well as on the exchange rate as on the inflation.”


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