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Tunisia: budget deficit shrinks 47% to 1.218 billion dinars by end April

The budget deficit has narrowed by 47%, to 1.218 billion dinars, at the end of April 2021, according to the provisional results of the execution of the State Budget, published by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Investment Support.

This decrease was promoted by the increase in budgetary resources of 10.3%, to about 10.5 billion dinars, due in particular to the rise in tax revenues by 20%, to 9.9 billion dinars, against a slight drop in budgetary expenses by 1.3%, to nearly 11.7 billion dinars.

The decrease in budgetary expenses is explained by the drop in the sums allocated to the intervention expenditures by 6.5%, to 2.3 billion dinars and the investment expenses by 18%, to 0.7 billion dinars.

On the other hand, remuneration expenditure has increased by 2.7%. It is important to note that these expenses, whose value amounts to 6.7 billion dinars, at the end of April, account for 57% of overall budgetary expenses.

As for cash resources, they fell by 19% to 4.4 billion dinars, of which nearly 97% are borrowing resources (4.2 billion dinars).

External borrowing has increased by 115% in the first four months of 2021, to 2 billion dinars, while domestic borrowing has risen very slightly by 1%, to 2.3 billion dinars.


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