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Tunisia: crude oil production declines

Domestic production of crude oil reached 734 kt in late April 2016, posting a decrease of 11.2% compared to the end of April 2015, i.e. a decrease of 93 kt.

According to the latest statistics released to African Manager, this downward trend is due to the decrease in the production of several fields including Hasdrubal (-24 kt), Franig Bagel and Trafa (-20kt), Bir Ben Tartar (-11kt), Adam (-9kt) Cherouq (-8kt) Anaguid East (-8kt) and El Borma (-8kt). They totaled alone a decrease of 89 kt.

Also according to our source, a drop in production of about 50% was recorded at the Hasdrubal field following a breakdown at the compressor supplying commercial gas to STEG.

This is the same conclusion for the Bagel and Targa field, where production fell by 36% due to lower throughput of Tarfa 3 wells.

The decline in production has also affected the Bir Ben Tartar field because of technical problems in some wells and especially the normal decline.

However, an increase in production was recorded in the fields of Maamoura (+ 93%), Ashtart (+ 11%), Baraka (+ 11%), Sidi Kilani (+ 16%).


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