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Tunisia: dates production increases 10%, pomegranates up 6%

The national harvest of dates and pomegranates for the 2015/2016 season is expected to increase by 10% and 6%, respectively, according to data presented Tuesday at a meeting in Tunis, on the preparations for the new season in all agricultural activities.

Thus, the date harvest is expected to reach 246,000 tons against 223,000 tons in the previous season.

As for the production of pomegranates, whose picking started in the second half of September 2015, it is expected to reach 82,000 tons, including 35,000 in Gabes, against 77,000 tons the previous season.

The pomegranate harvest is distinguished this year by its quality, which is likely to promote exports launched in early September, according to data of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Regarding the national olive harvest, it is estimated in the new agricultural season between 650 and 700 thousand tons, equivalent to 130 or 140,000 tons of olive oil.

During the previous season, the crop was in the order of 1.46 million tons of olives and 295,000 tons of olive oil. With respect to fodder crops, 316,000 hectares will be devoted to this crop, against 302,000 hectares during the 2014-2015 season.


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