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Tunisia: domestic crude oil production tumbles

According to a report on the energy situation, domestic crude oil production for 2015 reached 23,06Kt, which corresponds to a decrease of 9% compared to 2014.
Several factors may explain this decline, including an 18% decrease in production of Hasdrubal, 16% in the production of El Hajeb / Guebiba.
Add to this a 6% decline in terms of production in Ashtart, stopping of production in Miskar due to a problem in the system of control and reduction of production in Anaguid East, following the closure of the well “Amani1”, not to mention the continued natural decline in production at major fields like Adam, Cherouk, Ouedzar, Dido and MLD.
According to the same source, the demand for petroleum products registered a negative difference of 109Ktoe in 2015.
On the import of petroleum products, they rose 19% in terms of quantity compared to a reduction of 17% in terms of value.
The increase in imports of petroleum products is due to the use by STEG of fuel oil for power generation, higher demand for road fuels and the scheduled shutdown of production STIR for cleaning and maintenance of facilities.
As regards natural gas, the total demand fell by 4% in 2015 falling to 4,685 Ktoe. This is due to the 5% drop in demand for natural gas for electricity production and 2.4% of demand from end users to 1,252 Ktoe.


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