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Tunisia takes first steps towards offshore wind energy

Tunisian government officials have taken part in an offshore wind training course organized by the Netherlands, representing the country’s first steps towards offshore wind energy.

The Dutch Energy Transition Facility (ETF) organized an offshore wind training course for a group of 20 Tunisian government officials in cooperation with the ANME and DOB-Academy.

The four-day course was designed to take Tunisian specifics into account and looked at Dutch government approaches, which included political framework setting and how to organize tenders.

“I hope that this is the first step towards more intense Tunisian-Dutch cooperation. I strongly encourage our cooperation and fostering an environment that will promote a beneficial collaboration between both countries,” said Fethi Hanchi, Tunisian National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME) General Manager.

According to the Dutch government, water and energy sources in the Middle East and North Africa are running out and the current energy system mainly depends on non-renewable energy sources.

However, Tunisia has an ambitious national strategy for its energy transition and this change will make the country less dependent on sources abroad.


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