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Tunisia: food trade balance shows surplus of 182.7 MD in July

The food trade balance recorded a surplus of 182.7 MD during the month of July 2018, against a deficit of 754.8 MD during the same period of the previous year, which helped to increase the coverage rate to 106.1%

According to the latest statistics published by the National Observatory of Agriculture (ONAGRI), on its electronic site, food exports have registered an increase of 72.6% in terms of value while imports have risen by 15.2%.

On the basis of the same statistics, the surplus is the result of the increase in the value of exports, in particular those of olive oil by 200.4%, tomatoes by 38.3% and fishery products 29.9%.

Imports include durum wheat (532.2 thousand tons), common wheat (729.7 thousand tons), barley (329.5 thousand tons), and wheat (16.4 thousand tons) and milk and its derivatives (11.3 thousand tons).

In terms of value, the rise in imports is due to higher purchases, including meat by 176.5%, milk and derivatives 63.7%, barley 51.4% and durum wheat by 26.8%, according to ONAGRI.


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