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Tunisia: Get’IT partners with GOTIC

A partnership agreement has been signed between the Get’IT (group of Tunisian IT services companies) represented by Khaled Mehiri, its General Coordinator and GOTIC (Grouping of TCT operators) Côte d’Ivoire represented by Patrick M’Bengue, in his capacity as President.

Framed by CEPEX, the agreement aims to meet market expectations in the area of information and communication technology while building on the expertise of partners

With this framework agreement, the two organizations are pooling their skills to provide the best support to the needs of businesses in the two countries in terms of infrastructure, platforms, applications … The agreement commits both parties to make the best efforts to submit and defend combined offers built with the support of the other party and consult the other party first in client tenders on computer services.

Each party also agrees to use its best efforts to provide the other party the technical, skills and best rates tailored to the needs expressed by customers and in the most competitive way.

On the other hand, the agreement seeks to create a B-to-B platform with a B2B Collaborative Workspace with secure access

The signing of the agreement took place in the presence of Abdellatif Hamam and Riadh Attia, CEO and Deputy Director General of CEPEX, respectively.


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