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Tunisia Health Expo set for March 1-4

The Second Tunisia Health Expo is due March 1-4 in Tunis. This event is open to all public and private operators, bodies and professionals of the health sector. It covers health establishments, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipments, medical information technology, health-care and welfare services and products, thalassotherapy, spa industry, hospital hygiene, medical care waste management, information, guidance and health prevention.

Organizes of the event said that “the exhibition is an exhaustive showcase of the health sector in Tunisia and a platform for exchange and partnership.”

The exhibition aims, actually, to introduce the Tunisian achievements in the health field, the diversity of its products and its investment, partnership and exportation capacities.

Over 120 Tunisian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Iranian, Moroccan and Indonesian exhibitors will take part in the exhibition.

Moreover, a strong participation of African countries and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries is expected.

Conferences and workshops will be held on the sidelines of the event on such themes like: “Trade Exchange of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Services between OIC Member States: Situation and Prospects,” “Evacuation Problem and Care for Serious Burn Victims,” “Training and Employment in Health Trades in Tunisia,” “Concepts of Innovating Buildings in Service Health Sector,” “Clinical Research in Tunisia,” “Hospital Hygiene and Medical Waste Management.”

The exhibition is organized by the Tunis International Fairs Company, in collaboration with the National Health Federation stemming from the Tunisian Industry, Trade and Handicrafts Union (UTICA), under the aegis of the Public Health and Industry and Trade Ministries.


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