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Tunisia: increase in Banking Services Price Index

The Banking Services Price Index (BkSPI) allowing to measure the costs of banking services has increased over the past five years, from 106.0 in 2011 to 131.0 in 2015, with a variation of 7 5% between the years 2014-2015, said the Central bank of Tunisia (BCT) in a statement released Wednesday.

The same source added that the BkSPI aims to measure changes in the general level of prices of banking services. It records the price variation between a base period (2010) and a variable period or between any two periods between the base period and the current period.

The basket of BkSPI consists in its majority of commissions on transfers to electronic banking, bundles (account opening, credit card, online banking…) and account maintenance fees, so any changes prices on any of these services significantly impact on the value of the BkSPI says the BCT.

Commenting on the increase of the index Ms. Ramla Krifa, Secretary General of the Observatory of Inclusion, within the BCT Financial Department said in a statement to TAP this increase is due to several reasons, including rising prices in general, the increase in the number of customers and the development of technologies like the offer of e-banking services.

Published for the first time, this now annual index will be developed to become a semi-annual and quarterly or monthly, she said.


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