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Tunisia: industrial sector’s trade deficit widens in January

The trade deficit of the industrial sector stood at 775.1 million dinars in January 2018 against 676.1 million in the same month of 2017, i.e. an increase of 14.6%, according to the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII).
According to the economic newsletter, exports from the industrial sector amounted to 2.735 billion dinars last January against 2.083 billion in the same month of 2017, posting a rise of 31.3%.
In contrast, the industrial sector imported 3.510 billion dinars in January 2018 against 2.759 billion a year earlier, recording an increase of 27.2%.
The increase in exports is mainly due to the agri-food industry sector whose exports reached 360.2 million dinars against 162.5 million in January 2017, up 121.7%.
Similarly, exports of the mechanical and electrical industries sector grew by 26.4% from 991.7 million dinars to 1.253 billion dinars in January 2018.
This is the same for the textile and clothing industries with exports of the order of 607.7 million dinars against 484 million in January 2017, up 25.6%.
The same goes for the leather and footwear industries, whose exports grew by 31.8% to 139 million dinars against 105.4 million in January 2017.
Similarly, the exports of the sector of various industries went up 34.1% with 199.1 million dinars against 148.4 million in January 2017.
Industrial imports increased for all sectors. These increases range from 19.1% for the agri-food industry to 42.5% for the miscellaneous industry sector.


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