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Tunisia : Launching of the ”B2B renewable Energies Tunisia” platform

Favouring exchanges between Tunisia and Germany in the renewable energies sector, notably the use of solar energy, is the focus of the 5th Tunisian-German meeting on renewable energies, held on Wednesday in Tunis at the initiative of the Tunisian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Actually, developing renewable energies allows to improve the country’s energy results, to cover needs at lower costs, guarantee supply of rural populations and remote regions with energy and reduce pollution caused by traditional energies.

Director-General in the Industry, Energy and Small- and Medium-Firms Ministry Mohamed Akrout said that Tunisia lends a great interest to renewable energies, in view of its active role at the economic, social and environmental levels.

He specified that energy control constitutes one of the main axes of Tunisia’s energy policy, pointing out that the four-yearly energy control programme (2008/2011) is one of the main tools aimed to consolidate the rational energy utilization and to promote renewable energies. This programme aims to reduce by 20% energy demand by 2011, i.e. nearly 2 million TOE (tonnes oil equivalent).

In matters of renewable energy, the programme schedules a contribution by means of 13% in the total consumption in 2011, this share amounts to 20% in Europe. For his part, representative of Tunisian-German chamber expressed the German side’s will to lay the foundations of a more energetic relations, notably by encouraging co-operation in the renewable energies field.

She announced the launching of the “B2B renewable Energies Tunisia” which is a platform involving the sectors of solar, wind, hydraulic and geo-thermal energies, biomass and energy efficiency, and provides a wide-range of information on target markets.

On the sidelines of this meeting, five German firms were presented; their objective is to prospect the Tunisian market in the sectors of photovoltaic sensors, solar and thermal powers.


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