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Tunisia: Metal production in Kef goes up, exports too

The mining industry in the North West Region has seen a significant improvement this year, particularly in the production of certain metals such as lead, zinc and barite, said CEO of the metal processing company in Bougrine Taoufik Mansouri.

During the last quarter, 4.5 million tons of lead and zinc were exported to European countries including Germany and Spain and 10 thousand tons of barite to oil-producing countries, he added.

These sales generated revenues of 13 million dinars, a sum that can multiply in the coming years when lead and zinc production would increase to 10 million tons in 2019 and 20 million tons in 2020.

The reactivation of a few small closed mines and other depleted mines would help create economic and social dynamics and restore mining sector activities in the area, in addition to bringing significant sums of foreign exchange to the countries, especially as the entire production will be destined for export to the European markets.


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