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Tunisia picked by BDO network to train its future international consultants

More than 150 auditors, accountants and consultants from seven French-speaking members of the international network of audit and consulting firm BDO International are participating from this week, for the fourth successive year in Port El Kantaoui (Sousse), in high-level training sessions.

Each session lasts one week and includes 50 people. Since 2010, BDO Tunisia has made the city of Sousse a training center where the latest technical audit and consulting are exchanged but also the experience and managerial cultures of the participating countries namely France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon and Tunisia.

Francophone members of BDO International have entrusted Tunisia with the most difficult tasks for audit firms and consulting namely the training of future international consultants as well as the development and harmonization of support tools and techniques, as part of an operation called “Program of Carthage.”

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of its partners and associates, BDO Tunisia could meet this challenge by organizing and co- animating the most advanced training in the areas of financial audit and consulting.

Given the success achieved, Francophone members of BDO network did not hesitate to repeat this operation sometimes surpassing their security concerns every year.

“Strong competition generally characterizes the organization of such events within the network. BDO Tunisia has managed to win the confidence of its colleagues but also to maintain every year this important event by constantly enriching it,” said Adnène Zghidi, President of BDO Tunisia.

BDO Tunisia is a member of BDO International, the fifth international network of audit and advisory services, represented in 138 countries operates through 1,200 offices and has more than 55,000 employees worldwide. It achieves consolidated revenues exceeding $ 6bn.


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