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Tunisia: protests fall by half in November

The Tunisian Social Observatory noted, at its latest report published Wednesday, December 16, 2015, a significant decline in citizen protests in November, 2015 compared with October.

 Indeed, 390 movements were recorded during the month of November 2015, against 910 in October 2015. This was due to the decline in protest movements in the education sector.

 Collective protests have significantly decreased from 860 in October 2015 to 349 collective movements in November 2015. Individual protests, which include suicide, attempted suicide and other types of movements, fell in number from 50 acts to 41 in November 2015.

 The 24 governorates of the Republic of Tunisia have seen a noticeable decline in protests, both collective and individual. The governorate of Tunis remains the main place of protest with 47 movements in November 2015.

 The governorates of Kairouan and Sidi Bouzid have exceeded the threshold of 30 citizen protests or more than one protest by day. The governorate of Ben Arous has been relatively calm during the month of November 2015.


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