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Tunisia: Qatar donates 15 MTD to BFPME

We just learned that the Bank for Financing Small and Medium Enterprises (BFPME) has signed an agreement with the Qatar Friendship Fund for a donation of 15 million Tunisian dinars.

BFPME is mandated to manage the funding for the purposes of granting in turn equity loans to Tunisian SMEs.

This action will take place over a period of two and a half years (until the end of April 2016) and will, through the tool of Subordinated Loan, strengthen capital requirements for the construction of about 350 SMEs , based on an average amount of the subordinated loan of 40,000 dinars per project, likely to generate 6,600 direct job positions.

To date, BFPME has already been able to identify 230 projects for which funding of a credit in the medium and long term has been approved by the BFPME.


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