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Tunisia ranks 8th in ICT development in Africa

Tunisia ranks 8th in Africa in terms of information and communication technology (ICT) development, with a score of 75.4, according to a recent report published by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

In the top 5 African countries, Morocco stands out with a score of 85.1. Mauritius ranks second with a score of 81.7, followed by the Seychelles (80.9), South Africa (80.5) and Libya (79.4).

The report also highlights the significant progress in ICT development in Africa, with 20 of the 45 countries surveyed scoring above 50.

Algeria ranks sixth (77.8), followed by Egypt (75.8). Tunisia and Botswana share 9th place with 74 points. Gabon completes the African top 10 with a score of 72.9.

Entitled “Measuring digital development: The ICT Development Index 2023”, the report assesses ICT progress in 169 countries and territories around the world based on 10 key indicators.

These indicators include the percentage of people using the internet, mobile broadband penetration, mobile broadband internet traffic, mobile data prices, voice services and mobile phone ownership.

Internationally, the United Arab Emirates topped the rankings with a perfect score of 100, ahead of the United States (99.1), Qatar (98.7), Kuwait (98.2) and Denmark (96.9).


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