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Tunisia: SAH doing well in Libya and Algeria

The SAH Group (Hygienic Articles Company) achieved a turnover growth of 33% in Q1 2019, compared to the same period of 2018.

The beginning of the year saw a resumption of sales in the Libyan (+ 56%) and Algerian (+ 9%) markets.

Regarding SAH Tunisia, the company achieved a turnover of 106.3 MD in Q1-2019, against 74.6 MD in Q1-2018, including 23.1 MD from export sales, i.e. a growth of 42 %.

The EBITDA margin stood at 13% at the end of March, compared to 6% a year earlier.

For the group, total revenues in Q1-2019 amounted to 147 million dinars, up 32% compared to last year.

The highest growth was recorded by SAH Côte d’Ivoire (+ 328%) following the introduction of feminine hygiene and paper, by SAH Libya (+ 17%) and by SAH Algeria (+ 10%).

This performance enabled the group to double its EBITDA in Q1-2019 to stand at 17.7 MD against 9.5 MD last year and increase its EBITDA margin to 12.6%.


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