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Tunisia: shortages of medicines plague Tunisians!

Many Tunisians have expressed on social media their great concern after a large great shortage of medicines was recorded in several governorates, which has become the number one torment of patients in Tunisia.

It rhymed rather with worries and long queues in pharmacies to get, or not, a box of drugs to treat hypertension, diabetes and even minor everyday illnesses, it is up to the government to take its responsibilities…

If this difficulty were to persist, it would no doubt degenerate into a crisis and lead to a health and social catastrophe that would end what remains of the morale of Tunisians, already weakened by the spread of coronavirus.

It should be remembered that the crisis has indeed not been resolved for months, and this does not only concern imported medicines.

Moreover, the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) called, on Thursday, the Ministry of Health to provide medicines for the treatment of immunodeficiency diseases, especially those against lupus, which are in short supply in private pharmacies.

The forum warned of the impact of the shortage of “Plaquenil” drug for the treatment of Lupus on the health of patients, especially in the face of the spread of the coronavirus that threatens their lives due to a decline in their immunity.

The FTDES highlighted the deterioration of the patients’ condition, especially since they have not been able to obtain the drug for the past two weeks, causing fatigue, bone pain and rashes.

The Forum called on the Minister of Health to take action to provide those drugs as soon as possible, pointing out that the generic drugs available in hospitals are not suitable for them and may cause them side effects.

Today, Tunisia is deeply concerned about the health situation prevailing in the country following the rapid spread of coronavirus in several governorates.

The main thing is to control the situation and preserve the lives of Tunisians because this virus is spreading at a high speed.

The authorities concerned have been working for several weeks on a series of preventive measures.

Health Minister Abdeltif Mekki said, on Thursday March 26, Tunisia has enough Chloroquine to treat 20,000 people infected with the coronavirus


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