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Tunisia: spiral of success from the perspective of HR

Raouf Mheni, CEO of MEA HR Access Solutions, who was interviewed by AfricanManager during the launch of the first HR barometer in the Maghreb region, said the HR function is an opportunity not only for businesses but also for employment which is one of the major challenges of the Tunisian government.


Which role could be played by the barometer to promote the HR function in Tunisia?

Entrepreneurs face competition problems and economic hardship where the difference is determined by the quality of human resources, that is to say, the quality of men and women who work for them.

Listening to two or three business leaders, they said that the HRD is essential to their success. For typical Tunisian companies, today there is an urgent need to well manage resources and better retain and train them to win and survive.

For that matter, there are two components. For the first component and the human resources function, there are offers and jobs. There is a potential for recruiting human resources managers especially that there are many companies that need these features. So the HR function itself is an opportunity for employment.

The second opportunity is to raise awareness among business leaders and human resource managers about the changing role which they must assume. They need to invest in a role that will change the future by becoming more efficient and producing better quality products, thus making businesses become more competitive. When I am more competitive, I win more market share and therefore I employ. And this is the spiral of success.

So what should be done to promote the HR function?

Human resources need to make their voices heard. Today, I think it is a voice that is not heard. And thanks to the initiative taken today, we will launch a think tank just to make the voice of the HR function heard. We’ll have to reach out to entrepreneurs, to help them understand the strategic importance of that function.

Will it be easy to meet this challenge and create this culture especially in this difficult situation?

It is especially important to start. There are actions that must necessarily be taken at training institutes, at the level of education to form HRD.

Back to the first barometer, we would like to know if there is a follow up of this work in the coming period.

We’ll do it on a frequent basis for the sake of measurement. There are results for Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Our next barometer will be launched in 18 months to compare the overall trend. We want to know where it was important and where it was not.

The first edition of the barometer is a premiere. However, if we do not follow it up, we cannot compare the trend.


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