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Tunisia: sports and Saharan tourism… to get out of the woods

Sports tourism, a facet, which is not least important in this sector, is expanding more each day and has become a reality thanks to the investment and involvement of the Tunisian Government.

In this context, the Sports, Culture and Tourism Week to be held from April 17 to 24, 2011 in Djerba, seeks to contribute to this quest for freedom. It is also an international recognition of the model of the development of sports and Sahara tourism which has focused on sporting events, knowledge and competence of the Tunisian organizers.

In his speech, Ezzeddine Ben Yacoub, President of Carthago Association, said that “tourism events will boost sports tourism and enrich the sector in general by targeting new categories of tourists and foreign visitors.

Saharan tourism is a delicious blend of exoticism, adventure, exploration, culture and discovery from Douz to Tozeur via Chott El Jerid, the Ksours, Tataouine, Chenini, Chebika and Mides.

Tourists continue to flock to this area so valued for its dunes, oases and mirages. This sports and tourism event represents a great crossing of the south of Tunisia and a discovery of the depths and dunes of Tunisia through a communion with the Sahara and the local population.

Many sporting activities are proposed in the International Festival of Sports in Djerba: roller, Olympic sprint and distance, triathlon, Beach Volleyball, swim and run, nocturnal hiking, bowls and feluccas race.

The President of Carthago Association underlined that heritage is an important part of the tourism circuit, just like ecology, as the south of Tunisia constitutes a real natural nursery, rich in fauna and flora which attracts tourists.

“We organize this festival every year to attract more and more tourists to the Sahara which represents a promising product.

The program of the international festival of sports tourism is atypical as usual, offering several novelties to sportspeople.

There will marathons in several regions such as Tozeur, Djerba and Douz…” There will also be well-marked nature tracks, frequent refreshment, relaxation, a healthy dose of scenery and sun. Marathons combine the strengths of seduction, because the marathon is run over 6 stages of a total of 110 km, leaving to everyone plenty of time to enjoy the environment and the atmosphere.

In this context it is important to affirm that promotion of the Saharan region needs support through door-to-door selling, sustained contact with TO, a presence in exhibitions, workshops and especially a creative mind to showcase the Tunisian Sahara product, because what we see now in our Sahara festivals from Douz to Tozeur or Tataouine, are often dull performances without innovation or specific research.

We must get out of the woods and accordingly get out of the beaten track and invest to upgrade the product, as the South of Tunisia has new ways to regain its momentum. Creators and skills are not lacking. They have ideas to give a fresh impetus to this product.


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