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Tunisia: Sugar arrives…from India

On Tuesday night, the ship “Golden ID” docked at the commercial port of Bizerte, carrying 23,000 tons of white sugar for domestic and industrial consumption, delivered from India to the Tunisian Trade Board.

Governor of Bizerte, Samir Abdellaoui, confirmed that all the procedures for docking the ship in the port basin had been carried out safely, adding that the necessary logistical mechanisms had been put in place to start unloading the entire cargo from Thursday, December 28, 2023.

According to the official website of the Bizerte Governorate, the port of Bizerte has witnessed a qualitative and quantitative leap in terms of supplies since it resumed operations following the completion of repairs to the drawbridge.

It received numerous cargo ships loaded with various consumables and necessities for the local market, as well as the shipment and export of numerous manufactured products to international markets, thereby restoring its previously renowned developmental and social vitality.


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